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 +====== Princeton mathematics ======
 +<div style="​text-align:​center">​
 +<img src="/​_media/​princeton/​dynsys/​reactdiffuse/​brownevol600.gif"​ freezeframe />
 +//Ten particles are released at the origin. At each step in time, they can move left or right with equal probability. Where are they expected to be after one minute? This is a model for Brownian Motion and studied in [[:​princeton:​dynsys|The Mathematics of Pattern Formation]].//​
 +===== Regular lecture courses =====
 +  * [[princeton:​introde|APC 350, MAT 350]]: Introduction to differential equations
 +===== Special seminars =====
 +  * [[princeton:​vizcv|Special seminar]]: Visual complex variables
 +  * [[princeton:​dynsys|Special seminar]]: Dynamical systems and pattern formation (//A project by Princeton undergraduate student Yayoi Teramoto//)