Oxford physics

The free rotations of book tossed into the air. When the book is tossed so that it rotates along the direction of the intermediate moment of inertia, the spin is unstable. This is studied in Part A: Classical Mechanics.

First Year


Michaelmas 2014-2015

I will be taking a sabbatical this term, and so won't be covering the Calculus, Vectors and Matrices, and Complex Numbers/ODEs portion of the term. However, we would likely try to keep the homework scheduling the same as for the 2013-2014 year.

Homework Scheduling

This course can be quite challenging because of the numerous topics (which are always taught by different lecturers, so the style between the courses can be quite different). For the proposed homework scheduling, see the PDF file below. In the PDF, the first table corresponds to a more `traditional' schedule, whereas the Alternative Schedule I is the one we shall use.

Homework Scheduling




Revisions scheduling:

  • Week 1: Collections review
  • Week 2: Multiple integrals and vector calculus
  • Week 3: Normal modes and waves & Vectors and matrices
  • Week 4: Michaelmas review
  • Week 5: All questions and previous exams
  • Week 6: All questions and previous exams

Revisions worksheets:

Exam survey

Here is a survey of the exam questions of 2010-2012:

Download the pdf here.